Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

Oleum comes from Latin, meaning oil, and Summ is a modification of the Latin word “summum”, to explain that all of the oils under the OLEUM SUMM brand are of the highest quality.

OLEUM SUMM was born in the pastures of La Alquería located in Medina Sidonia, Cádiz, Spain in the year 2009. At the beginning, this family-run operation was created in a small enclosed space of the property, with the need to make special high-quality Christmas gifts for friends, collaborators and clients. Due to its success, in April 2013 it started to be marketed to the public.

OLEUM SUMM produces two types of extra virgin olive oil: a single-variety Arbequina, with an acidity of 0.1, and a coupage of Arbequina, Manzanilla, Picual, and Acebuchina with an acidity of 0.2. The latter was created after many years of tests, resulting in a very well-balanced, even oil.

OLEUM SUMM oil is mainly created using four varieties of olive: Arbequina, Manzanilla, Picual, and Acebuchina. The first two give OLEUM SUMM oils an average fruitiness of 4.1/6. Picual provides a little spice and smoothness while Acebuchina is the queen of all of them, because while it produces little oil, due to its small size, it provides a great amount of antioxidant properties.

In this integrated manufacturing, the gathering of these varieties is done using mechanical harvesters, in a maximum of one hour from the gathering to the pressing, from cold pressing and from a single pressing. Once created, OLEUM SUMM oil remains in some silos made of stainless steel under nitrogen so that it doesn’t oxidize before it is bottled, always on request. In this way it does a better job of preserving all of the oil’s qualities.

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OLEUM SUMM concentrates its efforts to elaborate extra virgin olive oil:

  • of the supreme QUALITY
  • applying the latest INNOVATIONS AND TRENDS


OLEUM SUMM prioritizes the quality rather than the production.
The quality of our product is being perused during the whole production process. In order to obtain the supreme quality olive juice OLEUM SUMM sets as its priorities the following parameters during the production process:

1. Quality of the olive tree and the olive fruit


2. Determination of the perfect moment of veraison

The moment of harvesting is critical for the oil quality. Each year since the month of September periodical analyses are being performed of the olive fruit in order to determine the perfect moment of veraison. Once it is determined, the harvest is immediately carried out to preserve the best organoleptic properties.

3. Harvesting in the shortest period of time

Harvesting is performed by the use of a combine harvester.

4. Minimising the time between the harvest and the milling

The maximum of one hour passes between the harvest and the milling. It is harvested in small containers, so that the olive fruit goes from the olive tree to the oil mill in the maximum period of 1 hour.

5. Control of the milling and bottling process

Cold extraction: We perform the whole process of cold extraction, milling, malaxing and decanting without adding any water. It is carried out at a temperature lower than 25º C.
Storage: In stainless steel tanks in cellars incorporating some nitrogen both in the tanks as well as at the moment of bottling in order to limit and reduce the oxidation process.
Bottling on demand: The production is being bottled on request in order to preserve the oil in the best possible state.


In order to preserve wide natural wealth of the surroundings where the farm La Alqueria is situated, with a abundant population of wild species, it is essential to use low environmental impact techniques by using biodegradable products which are not applied in a indiscriminate way but at the optimal moment and upon technical prescription, following tight guidelines of the integrated production.

Innovation and study

Maintaining the traditional principles of an olive orchard, the application of the new techniques and new methods is a particular sign of OLEUM SUMM identity:

  • intensive plantation to ensure the mechanised harvesting by a combine harvester.
  • localized irrigation with fertilisers.
  • creation of an experimental field with more than 10 different varieties of olive trees and with different surroundings and plantation methods. It means a great database for the future.
  • sharing of the experience with a new generation of agronomy technicians, offering guided visits to different schools of agronomists of the region.